Born in Osaka and now living in Kyoto, I am currently researching the nature of magokoro, or the true heart. Inspired by the different ways of thinking and values I encountered during my work as cabin attendant for ANA and a recruitment consultant, I began in 2006 to offer support to women in seeking a happy life with true heart. I give seminars to women working in various companies and in medical professions, showing them how to live happier, more beautiful lives by altering their language and way of thinking, and engaging in more considerate leadership to get better results. I also work as a personal consultant, helping individuals uncover their hidden potential.


My ultimate hope is to help in creating a peaceful world where the people living on this same planet at the same time all attempt to understand and respect one another. Since ancient times, Japanese people have believed that precisely because everybody is different, we are all precious beings, and deserve respect. For that reason, the concepts of mutual respect (‘otagai-sama’) and gratitude (‘okage-sama’) have been crucial in our culture. As we go about our everyday lives, we express those concepts through our behaviour and our words. As a Japanese person myself, I want to enjoy the range of experiences that comes from meeting people from many different places around the world, and to facilitate a deeper understanding of this concept of gratitude, or ‘okage-sama’. It’s my wish that one day, the word ‘okage-sama’ will be as well known across the globe as ‘sushi’ is today.